Product security survey -  we are going to ask you a few questions about what do you think about product security
Where is your company's location? *

Which industry sector does your company belong to? *

Have you spent on product security in the last 2 years?

 What do you think which are the most efficient solutions for product security nowadays?

Do you feel the need to have a Product Security Certification (e.g: Common Criteria, FIPS-140-2...) behind your product?

Do you know which product security certification needs?

What kind of benefits do you expect from product security certification?

Do you think a certificate increases your product's value?

Do you plan getting a foothold in a new market? (e.g. overseas)

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve product security?
Blockchain, AI, Machine learning is the new technology of trust? Please share with us your opinion.

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